Hailing originally from Paraguay, South America and adopted to Delaware as a baby, Chris Huskey aka NORMUL now (31) has been fine tuning his musical ear and his Dj craft for almost a decade now. As an ever evolving local staple in the Houston dance scene, and soon to be again a Delaware Resident, he’s NORMUL and anything but! With his rotating collections of sounds and samples, sticking mainly with (but definitely not limited to) today’s best Electronic/Dance music and all it’s variations from all around the globe, his popularity is growing show after show! Since arriving on the Houston scene in 2010, NORMUL has been on a steady climb to the top crushing set after set, playing many of the most popular venues throughout Houston. NORMUL has also recently brought his unique style and sounds to cities outside of Houston such as San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, and Dallas. He formally ran a Houston Music Collective, consisting of a very talented group of artists known as The Never Sleep Collective and was working hand and foot to bring this brand and all the artists, including himself, to the top! The intended goals of the group were successfully met and the artists have grown beyond the arms of the collective and it’s members are onto much larger parts of their musical careers! As with Normul’s move to the East Coast soon, the group has decided to collectively end in June of 2019. With still more to offer and being a leading pioneer in DJ/Producer Live streaming, Chris is still currently hosting his own show: Live @ The Normul Lair, which focuses on upcoming artists in the dance scene and within surrounding areas, but not limited to, by any means! The show is going is going on four years strong and has hosted close to 100+ artists under its roof. Whether that be touring artists, up and comers, or local legends, it’s always quality sound and superb sets at the Lair! So be on the look out for Normul’s Fresh cuts, classic throwbacks, pulsating energy, and remixes/edits with his own personal touches added, and an experience through music you won’t hear twice as no set is the same! So no matter where you are… In a venue, or on your phone/tablet, or just sitting back with your computer in the comfort of your own Lair….get ready to get up and Party, Dance your @$$ off to incredible music, and come away feeling, ANYTHING but NORMUL! Check out the experience at https://www.facebook.com/TheNormulLair and for more of the journey with up updates please check it out at his official website www.ntsonormul.com, soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/normul