HELLO FRIENDS! It’s been far too long….

First off, I’m incredibly sorry it’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to get in here and change a WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE LOT of things around and start updating things more continually again. SO much stuff, both kinda sucky and really awesome have happened since the last time I checked in here. Things have ultimately worked out for the better and the brand is doing better than ever including my livestreaming show: Live @ The Normul Lair and my team The Never Sleep Collective. Since the rebuild of the collective from the ground, to the show being taken to new heights by becoming sponsored and having a channel of my own, things have really heated up in 2019! I have had the incredible opportunity to play some of the much more sought after and elite venues of Houston in the last 9 months and participate in some pretty cool shows upon traveling out of the city as well! I have much bigger plans for 2019 than I ever have had before in my career and I’m super happy to be embarking on this climb to the top with my fiance!….ohh yeah forgot to tell ya this NORMUL guy popped the ? to this amazing girl a few months back in October and she said YUUSSS!! Proud and honored to have her a part of the team as well! She goes by PHAERIE and she’s incredible and magical to me in every way… so enough of the mooshy stuff… as I said, A LOT has happened! Many more shows have been in the works for the brand this year and also have a lot of surprises to unveil! Can’t wait to see what this year brings as I hope it’s all LOVE! I want to thank all of my fans/followers/friends/peers/family that have supported me from day 1ish and continue to support me in what I truly love to do. <3 ~~ NORMUL

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