LIVE @ The Normul Lair

Going on 4+ years and with a guest list now exceeding almost 100 artists, this humble studio grew its roots from 3 different residences/studio set ups in Houston TX, before finally moving to its current residence in Lewes, Delaware. Before leaving, not only did this show stream the absolute best quality and talent, but it paved the way for much of Houston’s DJ/Producer professional live streaming in the city. Houston acclaimed, this is a place known to comfortably host local legends, rising stars, and international touring artists where they are invited to come relax, talk music and events, sip some beverages, and ultimately play an audio/video recorded set for your listening and entertainment pleasure! The show ran it’s last Houston episode at the end of June 2019 before relocating. With a new layout complete with a bigger space, better production, and coming at you with the same amazing quality you are use too, Live @ The Normul Lair is returning to the air with new episodes and new talent found here in the North East! Tune in when you can from both the FB page and the archival page. and make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe to continue to get as much great content as the team can dish out! Thank you for all your continued support!


1. The Normul Lair one-hour shows will be broadcasted live on, a Vimeo platform with the best sound and image quality.

2. Shortly after its airing on, the show will be posted on Normul Lair FB page as a PREMIERE video within the FB platform, which after the broadcast, will undoubtedly blocked/muted by FB and THIS link will be hidden and replaced with the Permanent link from Vimeo.

3. If you miss one of these two broadcasts or want to watch again, all Dj sets will be archived on the Live @ The Normul Lair channel, click here: SAVE THIS CHANNEL & FOLLOW ON VIMEO! NOTE: This Video link from vimeo for each specific video will also be posted to the FB Page shortly after their Premier on Facebook.

4. Enjoy this new broadcast system with HD options and NO MUTING anywhere you catch our shows every week or just anytime you want!

5. Any other questions, feel free to contact me ~ NORMUL