Hailing originally from Paraguay, South America and adopted to Delaware as a baby, Chris Huskey aka NORMUL has been fine tuning his musical ear and his craft for over a decade. Formerly a local staple Dj, Show Host, and Music Collective President in the Houston dance scene, Normul has brought his sciences back to his old stomping grounds! With Normul’s constant rotating collections of today’s best Electronic/Dance music tunes from around the globe, his popularity is growing with every passing show! Arriving in the Houston scene in 2010, NORMUL started carving out his musical legacy by playing many underground venues and later many of the most popular dance venues throughout the city as well as San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, and Dallas.  Leading the Professional Studio Live streaming revolution in Houston in the last 4+ years, Normul still currently hosts his show “Live @ The Normul Lair” at its new location in Lewes, Delaware. The show mainly focuses on highlighting upcoming artists in the surrounding areas, but not limited to locals by any means. Anyone could drop by at any time whether that be touring artists, rising local artists, or local legends! Known for quality sound, with a quality setup, and phenomenal sets, be on the look out for a very Normul experience coming to a venue near you..and or online! No matter where you are, get ready to get up and Party, Dance your @$$ off, and come away feeling ANYTHING but NORMUL! Check out more of the journey with updates found here and at the link provided below: www.facebook.com/thenormullair    www.facebook.com/ntsonormul